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“Healthy foods” making you fat?

If you are anything like me, you pride yourself a "healthy eater".

You eat vegetables, good carbs, protein and skip the fast food lines.

You understand that your body needs various types of food in order to be in balance.

But why then, do you carry extra weight and can’t seem to shred the unwanted pounds?

The secret to weight loss is understanding how to eat for fuel.

Your body was designed to fuel up on foods and turn that energy to move around and sustain itself.

We have lost this concept in the modern world we live in and are basically eating daily like it’s our last day on earth.

Advertisers know this, and they keep hammering us with beautiful mouth-watering foods that come in large sizes.

These large portions have proven to be the new norm in our society and we don’t think twice about finishing them up.

We also eat more frequently than ever before, we think this keeps our metabolism working faster.

This concept has proven to

not work so effectively as we are still ingesting more food than our bodies need.

We are now not only eating bigger amounts of food but we are also eating more frequently.

This has kept us obese and stuck.

Eating for fuel only when you are hungry has proven to be the key to shedding the excess pounds permanently.

P.S. If you want to stop the confusion and get started on your weight loss journey, book your FREE session now.

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